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Ivica Brenko, dipl.ing., engineer with extensive experience in the design, development and maintenance of industrial equipment and plants. He was interested in technologies for 3D printing and RepRap project five years ago. By purchasing and assembling RepRap Huxley 3D printer he launched a project whose results and progress you could follow on this site.


Dr.sc. Davor Antonić, dipl.ing. is engaged in robotics, image and signal processing, and machine learning for many years. For the last couple of years he is intensively studying the area of 3D printing. He is involved in the RepRap project and designed MendelMaxPRO 3D printer. He is a former university professor and founding member of the Croatian Robotics Society.


Mia Žilavec is a marketing expert having fifteen years of experience in several Croatian and multinational companies in Croatia and other markets in Adria region. She is a member of our team since October 2013. By utilizing her broad experience and working enthusiasm she is making a significant contribution to our project.


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